A little vulnerability from me, thanks to a blog post by Robb Wolf

This week I came across a blog written by Robb Wolf, one of the founding father’s of the paleo movement, and I have thought about it several times over the past few days, kindof like a good movie.  You wouldn’t think by the title “Paleo Diet: How do I convince someone to try it.” that it would hit me the way it has, but Robb actually does a great job of talking about some hard times in his life – essentially being vulnerable – and I think that’s what got to me.  Maybe there is some leadership lessons sitting in his blog post…

Here’s why Robb’s blog struck home with me.

Here’s a guy that is passionate about what he does, so much so, that he moves forward regardless of what people think.  He is authentic, a little rough around the edges and he doesn’t sugar coat anything.  This could be why I like him, I can be a little blunt at times and my passion can come out with some energy.  But even with that, you can tell he cares.  He cares about himself and others.  In my book, these are some great leadership traits.  So, I am going to take a page from him and make sure I continue caring about myself, as much as I care about others.

Robb states that one of his strengths is his “wicked sense of impending mortality”, which really struck home with me.  My Dad died, when he was 47, from pancreatic cancer.  I was 22.  I watched a man that was lively and vibrant, very quickly wither away in 6 months.  Luckily it was only 6 months, there are many other diseases that people struggle with for years before it eventually takes them (as Robb discusses in his blog).  I have lived my life since then knowing your time could be up at any moment (which wasn’t very good for my long term savings account…).

Here’s what the American Cancer Society says in their Cancer Facts and Figures 2016 Brochure.

A substantial proportion of cancers could be prevented. All cancers caused by tobacco use and heavy alcohol consumption could be prevented completely.


I have had this fear since I was 22 that I wouldn’t make it past that magic age of 47.  I turned 47 last November and I AM planning on making it to 48, thanks, in part, to the whole foods/paleo lifestyle that I have implemented over the last 2 years, and because I am taking some time right now to care about me.

I highly recommend reading Robb’s post (link below) – it could make you think too.

Robb Wolf – Paleo Diet: How do I convince someone to try it


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  1. Robb Wolf is great and I can understand what you’re saying. i watched my father suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease for almost 10 years. The fear of suffering the same fate has caused me to seek out and embrace paleo. People like Robb Wold and Loren Cordain showed me the way! Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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