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The effects of Chronic Pain on your Attitude

Today I found some relief from a chronic itchy skin rash condition that I have had for 9 months reminding me how much that low level of pain affects your general outlook on life. After much consideration, I… Read More

Heal your Body and Mind by taking a Walk in the Forest

Could a 15 minute walk in nature help you fight the common cold or even cancer? What about reducing your stress so that your anxiety and depression decrease? Could it also help reduce your blood pressure? I just… Read More

Are Everyday Household Products making you Sick?

Organic food is becoming a household word, even Costco has recently announced that they are jumping on the organic band wagon.  Somehow, (or through lots of research) we have finally made the connection that pesticides – chemicals that… Read More

What’s the one thing you eat or drink that you wouldn’t want to give up? Here’s why that’s exactly the thing that you should give up.

We have all heard of an “adrenaline high” and some of us are even self-proclaimed adrenaline junkies.  Why are we addicted to adrenaline and what does that have to do with what we eat or drink? Adrenaline is… Read More

3 things you can do if you get Cranky or Hangry between meals?

Do you find yourself being irritable between meals?  Is a mid-morning or mid-afternoon coffee or soda break a must? Do you find yourself yawning and tired after a meal? Do you have chronic or irresistible sugar cravings? Functional imbalances… Read More

My journey to becoming a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

This past year, after dealing with multiple chronic symptoms, I decided it was time to take my health in my own hands. So, here’s what I did: 1st – I went to a DOM (Doctor of Oriental Medicine)… Read More

The struggle of getting rid of sugar…

The struggle is real, man! I never in a million years thought you could have an addiction to sugar, but when I was told that sugar is 90% of the reason I have gained weight over the years not… Read More

Nourished Podcast – interview with Dr. Jolene Brighton

For you women out there – Shawn Mynar and Meg Doll of the Nourished Podcast interview Dr. Jolen Brighten.  They discuss the symptoms of hormone imbalance, PMS, and estrogen dominance.  What happens when the menstrual cycle and hormones… Read More

The role of Fats in Increasing and Decreasing Inflammation

What do hangovers after a night of partying have to do with inflammation and eating healthy fats?  That hangover is the result of inflammation in various areas of your body causing headaches, aches and pains, and ultimately that… Read More