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3 things you can do if you get Cranky or Hangry between meals?

Do you find yourself being irritable between meals?  Is a mid-morning or mid-afternoon coffee or soda break a must? Do you find yourself yawning and tired after a meal? Do you have chronic or irresistible sugar cravings? Functional imbalances… Read More

A little vulnerability from me, thanks to a blog post by Robb Wolf

This week I came across a blog written by Robb Wolf, one of the founding father’s of the paleo movement, and I have thought about it several times over the past few days, kindof like a good movie…. Read More

TED Talk – Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness

This came across my email as the talk of the week.  Based on a 75-year old study, one result has stood out in this study helping people live longer and be happier. We are social creatures by nature ….

Less Toxic Personal Care products

I have been reflecting on this last year and thinking about having to put my health back together.  One of things I did this last year was to try and reduce the toxic load on my body so that… Read More

The 30 year “Less Fat” Experiment

In 1958, Ancel Keys started a study called the Seven Countries Study, which concluded high cholesterol levels led to higher risk of heart disease. It turns out that he cherry picked the results to show the conclusions he… Read More

Interview with Dr. David Perlmutter – Author of Grain Brain

One of my friends just borrowed the book Grain Brain from me, so I thought I would post this quick interview with Dr. David Perlmutter summarizing his book for her.  The main points – Gluten in the diet turns on… Read More

Save the Pumpkins!

Given that it is Halloween, I thought I would share how I save my pumpkins for later use. I think the best way is by freezing them in convenient packets of 1 – 2 cups, so you can pull… Read More

“Leaky Gut” Syndrome and Undigested Fats

In a previous blog post, I discussed the importance of getting good healthy fats into your system. What happens if your digestion system is not breaking down those fats so they can be absorbed? Let’s explore how fat… Read More

Mindfulness based Stress Reduction – Can this result in Happiness?

A few years ago I signed up for a class on mindfulness based stress reduction.  There is a ton of research demonstrating the effectiveness of meditation on stress reduction.   Here’s a couple of video’s from my instructor… Read More

Why Healthy Fats are Good for your Cells

  The Standard American Diet is either low in fat or high in rancid or hydrogenated fats. At the cellular level, why is this fact important to our health?   Fat has gotten a bad rap over the… Read More