New Cookbook – the healing kitchen

I have to admit to having an addiction to purchasing cookbooks – I love seeing how folks put together ingredients in interesting ways and love looking at photo’s of food.  My newest cookbook was pre-ordered based on a podcast interview with one of the authors’ Alaena Haber.


the healing kitchen

Along with photos and ingredients, I am fascinated with the author’s stories.  Alaena was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease when she was 19 and finally when she was 24, she found a doctor that believed diet could influence healing.  Sarah also suffers with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis, fibromyalgia, and two secondary autoimmune diseases that affect her skin.  Following the paleo diet with a modified autoimmune protocol has allowed her to put her autoimmune diseases in remission.

For more information on these two amazing women go check out their blogs – Alaena Haber has a blog titled “Grazed and Enthused” and Sarah Ballantyne ” The Paleo Mom”.

I have made two recipes from this cookbook so far (and IMG_1729apparently I am in a soup mood these days).  One of the recipes was pumpkin chili – let’s just say I have a serious addiction with pumpkin so I have to try every new recipe that comes around.  (it’s a good thing I grew a lot of pumpkins this year!)  This particular recipe was incredible – and will make this again!!

IMG_1732The second recipe was bacon & salmon chowder.  Overall – I would say pretty good.  The base uses white sweet potato so it came out sweeter than I was expecting.  I would probably use half sweet potato and half white potato when I try this again.

One of the opening chapters is on “what and how to eat”.  There are some great tips for multitasking in the kitchen, reinventing leftovers, batch cooking, eating on a Budget and eating on the Go.  Would highly recommend this one!





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