Nourished Podcast – interview with Dr. Jolene Brighton

For you women out there – Shawn Mynar and Meg Doll of the Nourished Podcast interview Dr. Jolen Brighten.  They discuss the symptoms of hormone imbalance, PMS, and estrogen dominance.  What happens when the menstrual cycle and hormones get out of balance due to stress, diet and nutrition.  She gives some great tips on how you can heal these symptoms.

If you have anxiety or depression around your period – this podcast is one you should listen to.

The three questions she asks clients to determine whether progesterone is low – A week or two before your period do you feel like you A) want to kill someone, B) want to run off to the woods and never be seen again, or C) all of the above?

Here’s the link – Nourished Podcast with Dr. Jolene Brighten – Enjoy!

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