What is the Paleo Lifestyle?

I had a great weekend with a couple of my favorite girlfriends and I was asked what Paleo was and whether it was another fad diet?  Great Question!  So it made me really think about why I am following this lifestyle.


My quick nutshell answer to this is – It’s about reducing the toxins in our environment that cause stress to our minds and bodies leaving us in an unhealthy state.  My toxins may be different than your toxins but based on a large body of literature, many of them are the same ones.  Those toxins might be too little sleep, not enough play, or putting too much processed or toxic food in our mouths.

Here’s the definition from the Paleo Magazine – The Paleo lifestyle is about nourishing our bodies with REAL FOOD that is grown and raised as NATURE intended, not manufactured in a sterile facility.  It’s about UNPLUGGING from the modern day electronics from time to time and giving your body a chance to actually rest.  It’s about getting enough SLEEP, bonding with other individuals FACE-TO-FACE, getting out in the SUN, playing for the sake of PLAYING, reducing stress and giving your body a chance to THRIVE in a manner it EVOLVED.


In my words, it’s doing the best for your body to be happy and healthy so you can enjoy all that life has to offer.

The diet part of the lifestyle involves eating organic whole foods and happy animals.  Why organic?  Obviously if we are trying to reduce toxins, you want to choose produce that was grown without pesticides and fertilizers.  Why happy animals?  I call them happy animals because they were raised in a way that did not require antibiotics to be given to them because they were unhealthy (and if I am going to eat another animal I want it to be healthy).  These are grass fed cows, pastured pigs and chickens, and wild caught seafood.

Some of the basic items to avoid eating are grains, legumes, soy, refined sugar, processed foods and industrial seed oils (Canola, corn or vegetable oils).  These items can produce a toxic reaction in many individuals with symptoms such as headaches, digestive issues, or behavior issues, such as depression.

One of the reasons that I love the Paleo Community is that they are constantly trying to learn more about overall health.  For me, that’s the main reason I find myself identifying more and more with the community and for that reason alone, I don’t think it’s a fad.

This weekend I got some face-to-face time in with a couple of awesome girlfriends, we played (literally went to a play), we laughed, we got some sun, we slept in, put our feet in a coldish pool after wine tasting and we reduced our stress for a couple of days.  Ok, the wine tasting might not have reduced our toxins, but it sure was fun!




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