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Where are you on the spectrum between balance and disease?


A Nutritional Therapy Practitioner (NTP) is part of the alternative, holistic health community. We are certified by the Nutritional Therapy Association to perform Functional Evaluations and make nutritional recommendations that balance body chemistry and achieve optimal wellness.

Many times conventional medicine only treats the symptom, not the underlying cause. NTP’s focus on addressing the underlying cause of the dysfunction through balancing the foundational systems of the body. We use highly effective tools to locate where the deficiency or imbalance is in the body and then provide nutritional support to help body’s innate ability to heal.

Foods that are highly processed, which make up the Standard American Diet, do not provide the nutrition to keep our bodies healthy. This has led to many of the chronic illnesses that are prevalent in our world today – Autoimmune, Diabetes, Coronary Heart Disease and Cancer, to name a few. We believe that a nutrient dense, properly prepared, ancestral based whole-food diet, is the foundation for supporting optimal health. There is no one perfect diet for everyone, so we work with you to find the ideal whole food diet that will enhance your bodies ability to heal.

Nutritional Therapists are not trained to provide medical diagnoses, however, we are trained to work alongside medical practitioners either in their offices or in private practice to support the doctors’ diagnosis and other therapies.

What you can expect for my program:

  1. Initial Consultation
  2. Discussion of Food Journal and Nutritional Assessment
  3. Functional Evaluation
  4. Individualized Plan that addresses our short and long term goals
  5. Continued support and assessments on your healing journey

While my nutritional therapies can help someone with a diagnosed disease manage it better, my main goal is to reverse dysfunction in the body, based on your chronic symptoms, before it becomes a disease.

If you are looking for nutritional therapy to help you restore balance by enhancing the bodies innate ability to heal, please send me an email to set up a free 15 to 30 minute consultation.

The consultation will allow us to see if my program is the right one for you and to allow me to customize a wellness program that meets your needs.